Sunrise Sale

IMPORTANT: Due to the current situation our studio hours have changed, please check our website before arriving at the studio.

Every day, the first piece sold is 50% off (up to $245 from our silver collection).
Most days, someone will be waiting at the door when we open (9:00AM), making sure they are indeed the first customer of the day. More then once there are a few people and we unfortunately have to let some of them down saying the discount can only be applied to the first person, however, we do try and make a few pieces on the spot, for those who wake up so early.

Since we launched our new site (Feb' 2017), we are doing the same deal ONLINE
One change though, if you win a sunrise sale online, you will receive half of your payment back in the form of a gift card to be used at Hadaya online or at the studio.  

Every morning at 5:30AM Isarel time (10:30PM EST, 7:30PM PT), we will restart our daily clock (shown below). Starting that time, the first confirmed online order (time stamped - based on time payment is cleared) will get the most expensive item to qualify for a discount, for 50% of the price. Sunrise sale winners will receive an email (not immediately, usually within 72 hours) notifying they won today's Sunrise Sale.

Please note that any payments made before 5:30AM Israel time will not be eligible for a discount.
If you are using a coupon and you also win the Sunrise Sale discount, your coupon will be disabled and whichever discount that is higher will be applied to your order.
LIMITS - you can only win one sunrise sale discount per month (12 max yearly wins).

IMPORTANT NOTICE - If you cancel an order just for not winning the sunrise sale, you will no longer be eligible to win the discount online.

#sunriseSale #onlineSunriseSale

Restart in


Better odds on winning a sunrise sale when following the steps below -
1. choose your designs beforehand, measurements and engravings  (a SimpLink can be useful)
2. start your order ahead of time (but not more than 30 minutes to prevent carts being lost at the last minute)
3. wait for the sunrise sale countdown to get closer to 0:00:00 (maybe 7-10 minutes before restart) then start filling out your details
4. stop after you have your card details in place and just need to click the last "send order" button
5. go back to the sunrise sale countdown and wait for it to hit 0:00:00 (or get to the very last second) then go back to the order and click "send order"
 That's it, good luck and a happy #sunriseSale :)

Hadaya's Sunrise Game

Hadaya started this tradition in 1996. Unless you wait at the door before the studio opens, he won't tell you if you are the first one. This is part of his "game".
It's about chance as well as timing for you to get the discount, only after you pay you will be surprised that it's 50% off.

We are proud to extend this tradition to our website as well. Giving back to our loyal fans and maybe surprise a random customer as many will not be aware of this ongoing giveaway, so part of that "game" Hadaya plays with his studio customers will be applied to the website. #timing