What is a SimpLink?

SimpLink is a special short link which stores custom engravings and/or measurements for your Hadaya piece.

What is a common use for SimpLinks?

Whenever we need to customize pieces for online orders we use SimpLinks. Mostly using our chat, we'll ask for your specifications before sending you your custom SimpLink, other times we'll email one or more SimpLinks following your request. We also use it for group order sheets, where if you would like to order a large quantity of personalized pieces, we'll create a SimpLink for every piece to help you submit the order online.

Can I get my own SimpLink?

We can customize a SimpLink for you. Email or text us your specifications, we'll send you your SimpLink back, click it and the item will be set for you to add to cart and start checkout.

Can I make my own SimpLink?

Yes you can! Go to (you'll have to create or have an account with us, you can login using Facebook as well). Once you have some favorite designs and favorite quotes (choose favorites by clicking the ❤ icon on designs or quotes), you can combine those and/or add some free text to create your own SimpLink, which will then save to your account and can be accessed at all times by clicking "My Account" link.

Is there more to those SimpLinks?

Yes there is!
Lately, we have been working on embeding SimpLinks into our tracking system, we will soon email or text you a TrackMyHadaya SimpLink once your order has been mailed. This will be both for online and offline orders and should help you access tracking info quickly.

Also, every SimpLink you will make yourself using is tagged with your User ID. Whenever someone clicks on a link you made and makes a purchase, their new account will be linked to yours and you will generate Hadaya points with them for every purchase they make. You can find more details in our Affiliate Program page.

SimpLinks are also good for if your piece is lost. We can always recreate it using the original SimpLink :)